Will Postcards be Returned to Sender

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Will Postcards be Returned to Sender

This is a Short Tutorial on How to mail a postcard

  • Address your Postcard

  • Write Your Message

  • Apply Appropiate  Stamp

  • Take to Post Office and send out for Delivery

  • Looking at Picture Above Notice Nowhere is there a place for a return Address

  • Without a Return Address If the Postcard Is undeliverable the Post Office will after a period of Time Throw the Postcard away.

After 18 months, (or if the postcards are undeliverable for any reason) the Post Office will return the cards to the sender with the reason for non-delivery. However, if you have not included your Return Address, they won’t know where to return your cards and they will be thrown away.

Do Postcards Need a Return Address

  • If you would like to have the postcards sent back to you – You Must Package it with a Return Address
  • Without it The Mail Service Does not Know where to Return it

This is a Great Quick Tutorial on how to Mail a Collectable  Postcard by Larry Myers

Larry Goes into excellent detail on Steps to Take

  • Proper Sleeve

  • Proper Mailer

  • Insured if Value needs to be protected

Here is What the outside our Postcards at Darlene’s Vintage Postcards when we send them Out



Just for our General Numbers we probably have sent out 1500 – 2000 postcards this year – Maybe 2 Have Been Lost


Postcards – Our Sister Site

God Bless Darlene

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