Why I Love Postcards

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Why I Love Postcards

From All Over World

I love the fact that you can find Postcards from All Over the World.  Time and Money and Health limits us all in what we can physically go see, but with Postcards, they give you a window into all these fabulous locations.  I was reading yesterday that there are so many Beaches in Austrailian that if you visited one a day, take something like 17 years to see them all….Simply Amazing  This Article On Australias Beaches is very interesting – Enjoy



From the end of the Last 100 years, beginning as the  1890’s sending of Postcards became very popular way of cheap communication.  In the beginnings, it was a mostly good way to send messages, but shortly businesses, town, and cities realized it was a very good way to advertise.  In the ’50s every Hotel, restaurants, Gas Stations and so many of the popular travel locations, Postcard printers flocked to print and distribute them.

You will enjoy this article from the Smithsonian Institute on Postcard History



In Our Store as we began Collecting Postcards, we tried to add a category to each card we found.  Our first Store had a limit on 300 Categories, but as we learned more and more, we quickly exceeded that number and realize that they could be uncountable.  Even the terminology is quite extensive, We found thus site with this comprehensive Definition List of Collecting Postcards or Deltiology



Collecting of Postcards is one of the three most collected items, only surpassed by Coins and Stamp Collecting.  Like the former how scarce they are, the higher their value.  It also depends on How many were originally printed, If 1 Million were printed and distributed, their value generally be lower than a print run of 200,000.  We see this as we find our postcards, many time you find and individual card in many locations, then there are others you cannot locate anywhere much more rare.  I found this Postcard Evaluation Guide for you…..Warwick and Warwick


Over the years, we have found many conditions of Postcards we have found

  • Creases
  • Bends
  • Holes
  • Tears from Stamp Removals – Those dreaded Stamp Collectors – Ha ha
  • Faded
  • Doodled on – you find a great postcard that a little one used as a coloring item.

This Article from Tri-City Herald Pictures this quality of the condition of your postcards well

From Very Significant Times in World History

When there are very Important World Events, they were very much the topic of the postcard Printers.  That is a wonderful thing because without the available postcards these picture of the past could be of been Lost forever.

  • Disasters
  • World Fairs
  • Moments of Aviation
  • Civil Rights
  • Politics
  • Holidays
  • Wars

The List can be endless, but finding these cards shows us what these times were Like.


Enjoy our Selection of Vintage Postcards we are loading more each Day

God Bless Darlene



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