What are Vintage Postcards Used For

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There is a multitude of creative ideas that can be displayed with the colorful and Historic Views that are displayed on the image side of each postcard. They can be hung and arranged in patterns, collages, displaying the many topics that can be found.

Postcard Art

I Have seen postcards enlarged and framed, blow up to create large wall hung pictures of History. Some laminated into furniture.  Many Hung in artful ways on walls showing History and iconic scenes from the past.

Making Maps of Postcards

Many Postcards are printed with maps on the picture side of the old postcard. Showing major monuments, cities, parks, roads, large bodies of water on their image side.  They vary on the size of the map and most are individual and to different scales. It is very educational to view your favorite spot in light of its topographical location.  Most are printed with vibrant colors and shades of blues, and yellows.

Old Map of South Wales

Vintage Postcard map South Wales UK

Postcard Journals

We went in a small Pizza restaurant in Laurelville Ohio, had taken many postcards collected over the years of the history of the town of Laureville hanging on the walls of the restaurant.  They were all RPPC all actual a snapshot of History of the town going back over 100 years.  We spent all 20 Minutes we were waiting for our pizza admiring the History of that small farming town.

Keepsakes from Your Travels

Especially in time past, collecting postcards from each of your stops on your vacation was common. Many Hotels and restaurants had their own places of interest and business printed onto postcards that could easily and cheaply purchased and sent home to friends documenting your trip.


We have had many People purchase postcards from us, Darlene’s Vintage Postcards, to send as a gift.  One was last week when a lady purchased a card showing a location that she had shared with a friend, as a gift.  He was struggling with Lukemia in a nursing home and she wanted to brighten his day.


Many Collectors (Deltiologist) collect the many subjects that can be collected. Examples are like Hotels, Bridges, Portraits   are common searched for and collected topics.  People also love to collect their home towns as seen in the past. Places of Business that their families had, or still do are frequently sought after collections of postcards.

Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting (philatelist) is very popular and many stamp collectors have found treasures on the back of posted postcards. They can be carefully removed and put into their collections Shop for Vintage Postcards

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