Wills Still Moonshine Arkansas


Life was hard back in the days, but it was more natural and down to earth, calm with nature. Go back in time and imagine the life of a country living. With this vintage postcard that depicts a moonshine still in Arkansas and the person in the picture can be seen making moonshine. It’s one of the few rarest postcards which depict moonshine as due to its illegal nature, very few pictures have been depicted on a postcard.

Arkansas has a love hate relationship with moonshine as it allowed licensed production of this home-made intoxicant which was the rage during prohibition of 1920’s and 1930’s. Now, you can produce moonshine in Arkansas by establishing a still, once you get a license from the State Government. And yet, owning this postcard you don’t have to go through any troubles of applications or paperwork, simply look at it and imagine the times gone past. Add to cart now and will ship it as soon as we get your order request.

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