Whaling Museum Unicorn carved from Whale Tooth Scrimshaw


Whaling Museum Unicorn carved from Whale Tooth

  • New Bedford Massachusetts
  • The mission of the Old Dartmouth Historical Society is to educate and interest all the public in the historic interaction worldwide of humans with whales; in history of Old Dartmouth and adjacent communities; and in regional maritime activity. To accomplish this the Society shall collect, preserve and interpret the artifacts and documentary evidence of these endeavors; maintain a whaling, maritime and local history museum, maintain a library; promote and disseminate historical research; and accept historic sites where appropriate9New Bedford Whaling Museum, 1916 to 2019
  • The Museum can claim many superlatives amongst its holdings including the world’s largest: library of whaling logbooks, prints, journals; collection of scrimshaw; Japanese whaling art and literature outside of Japan; Dutch Old Master marine paintings in the New World. The Museum’s complete coverage of 19th and 20th century whaling technology makes it a global center for scholarly research. The Museum is home to the world’s largest ship model, Lagoda, a half-scale whale ship built in 1916 by the aging shipwrights of New Bedford’s famed fleet. The Museum displays four species of complete whale skeletons, including a Blue whale, the world’s largest mammal plus a mother and fetus of the highly endangered Northern Atlantic Right whale.
  • Thirty teeth of the sperm whale can be used for ivory. Each of these teeth, up to 8″ long and 3″ across, are hollow for the first half of their length. Sperm whale ivory is easily confused with walrus ivory, as both have two distinct layers. The inner layer of sperm whale ivory, however, is much larger
  • Scrimshaw is the name given to scrollwork, engravings, and carvings done in boneor ivory. … However the latter really fall into the categories of ivory carving, for allcarved teeth and tusks, or bone carving

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