Soudersburg Bridge Dutch Country Famous Bridge Pennsylvania


Soudersburg Bridge Dutch Country Famous Bridge

  •  Herr’s Mill Covered Bridge is a covered bridge that spans Pequea Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is also sometimes known as Soudersburg Bridge
  • he bridge has a double span, wooden, double Burr arch trusses design
  • built in 1844 by Joseph Elliot and Robert Russell at a cost of $1787
  • The bridge was later bypassed by a new concrete bridge and is now on the private property of the Mill Bridge Village Camping Resort
  • Owner Brian Kopan
  • old tradition from the horse-and-buggy days, when a boy would stop halfway across a covered bridge where it was quiet to give his girl a kiss. Old-timers used to call all covered bridges “kissing bridges
  • Bridges having covers for reasons other than protecting wood trusses, such as for protecting pedestrians and keeping horses from shying away from water, are also sometimes called covered bridges
  • By the 1870s, most bridges were covered at the time of construction
  • original reason for the cover was to protect the bridge’s trusses and decks from snow and rain, preventing decay and rot.
  • history of covered bridges can be traced as far back as 780 B.C. in ancient Babylon
  • The Hartland Bridge in HartlandNew Brunswick, is the world’s longest covered bridge, at 1,282 feet (391 m) long. It crosses the Saint John River from Hartland to Somerville, New BrunswickCanada
  • In 1980, Indiana was reported as having 130 extant covered bridges, with the highest number (36) in Parke County

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