Rock of ages Worlds Largest Granite Quarry Barre Vermont


Rock of ages Granite Quarry Barre Vermont

  • Worlds Largest Granite Quarry
  • 350 Feet Deep
  • Daily Tours
  • ock of Ages Corporation is an integrated quarrier, manufacturer, distributer, and retailer of granite and products manufactured from granite. The company owns and operates 13 active quarry properties and ten manufacturing and sawing facilities in North America, principally in Vermont, Georgia, and the Province of Quebec. The quarry division sells granite blocks to the manufacturing division and outside manufacturers as well as to distributors in Europe and Japan. The principal manufactured product is granite memorials, which the company’s sales force sells wholesale to approximately 2,100 independent memorial retailers in the United States and Canada
  • . A seal bearing the Rock of Ages name is placed on each of the branded memorials, which are supported by a perpetual warranty. The company believes that its Rock of Ages trademark is one of the oldest and best-known brand names in the granite memorialization industry
  • By 1910 skilled sculptors, stonecutters, and other hopeful laborers had come from Canada, Scotland, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, Greece, Ireland, and England&mdashø name but a few of the emigrants’ home countries&mdashø pursue the American Dream. Barre reached a population of over 12,000 people. Among the early newcomers was George Barron Milne, a visionary Scot gifted with keen business acumen. By 1885 he had saved enough money to buy a quarry of his own and in a few years partnered with another frugal quarry owner–Montpelier-born James M. Boutwell, a railroad engineer by trade&mdashø form a new company. The two partners recognized the engineering skills of another Vermonter, Harvey W. Varnum, who had played a key role in diverting the river that ran through Barre and in developing many railroad lines in Vermont, thereby greatly improving traveling and business opportunities. In 1905, the three men founded Boutwell, Milne and Varnum Granite Company (BMV) and, according to historian Clarke, ‘concentrated on selling their stone to local manufacturers. But they quickly recognized the need for diversification and built a large, modern plant near their quarries

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