Pronghorn Antelope Deer Buck Antlers


This vintage postcard features a unique mammal known as Pronghorn which resembles an Antelope or Deer due to it’s Antlers or branched horns. Although from outside it may resemble an antelope, it’s the sole surviving member of a mammal family which used to roam North America around 20 million years ago.

To this day, Pronghorn is found only in North America which is also it’s native region. Pronghorn’s scientific name “Antilocapra Americana” means “American antelope goat”. But it’s neither an antelope nor a goat. Three other similar species are known to exist when humans first entered North America, which have since become extinct.

The pronghorn is also known as the fastest animal in the western hemisphere as it can run at 20-foot bounds at 60 miles an hour, easily matching the speed of a Cheetah. Although, unlike the Cheetah, Pronghorn can run at this speed for hours without any break in between.

This postcard is one of the rare items which honour this species of it’s kind as being the sole surviving member of it’s species and animal family, Pronghorn is unique in itself.

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