Lake crescent Storm King Mountain Lady of the Lake Olympic Wash


Lake crescent Storm King Mountain Olympic Wash

  • The lake was said to have been created to kill of warriors from fighting tribes. It never gave up its dead… until the Lady of the Lake surfaced in 1940
  • The lake is no stranger to bloody stories. According to legend, the Klallam and Quileute tribes fought a bloody battle beneath Mount Storm King. The mountain became angry, broke off a chunk of rock from his peak, and threw it into the valley over the battlefield. The rock killed the warriors and dammed the river creating Crescent Lake. Generations of Native Americans would not go near the lake because of this legend. It was said that Crescent Lake never gave up its dead… until the Lady of the Lake surfaced in 1940.
  • In 1940, a body surfaced on Lake Crescent. The body was wrapped in blankets and tied with rope. But that’s not the spooky part. The body’s skin had turned into a rubbery substance and was perfectly perserved. It was not bloated like most bodies held in water, and there was no decay. She was perfectly preserved other than missing facial features, fingers and toes. It also showed evidence of being beaten and strangled.
  • Even though there could be no facial recognition or finger prints, police made a positive identification of the body as Hallie Illingworth because of the physical match, hair color, and dental records
  • The police also had a clue to the killer – the rope. This rope, it seems, was peculiar to Sears and Roebuck. Through receipts, it was tracked to the tavern owner who had bought it to tie up boats. The tavern owner remembered that a beer salesman borrowed 100-feet of rope to pull his truck out of the mud. He had never returned the rope. And… the beer salesman was Monty.

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