Jackson Lake Dam Sheepeaters Grand Teton National Park


Jackson Lake dam Grand Teton National Park

  • The first Jackson Lake Dam was a log-crib damconstructed in 1906–7 across the outlet of Jackson Lake, anatural lake. … At the time of the dam’s construction,Jackson Hole and the Teton Range were as yet unprotected from development. Grand Teton National Park was established in 1929, and excluded Jackson Lake.
  • Grand Teton National Park took decades to establish. Congress created the original park in 1929 to protect the Teton Range and several lakes at the foot of the mountains. In 1943, Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared the remaining federal land in the valley as Jackson Hole National Monument.
  • in 1950 ended a 30-year controversy over attempts to extend federal government control in northwestern Wyoming. At the peak of the controversy in the early 1940s, some Jackson Hole residents warned that National Park Service control of the area meant “your recreational privileges in Jackson Hole will be practically at an end
  • Archeological evidence shows that Native Americans first appeared in Jackson Hole approximately 10,000 years ago. The ruggedness of the country and its inhospitable winters meant that most Indian bands visited the area in summertime only, although the Mountain Shoshone, also known as Sheepeaters, did live there year-round. The first European residents of the area were fur trappers and outlaws who began arriving in the early 19th century. Because of the rough terrain and severe weather, homesteading did not begin until the 1880s.

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