Indian Canoe


This vintage postcard depicts an Indian Canoe which was used by Native Americans to navigate the huge network of rivers and lakes which can still be seen in North America.

These canoes were often made of birch-bark and were in use until early to mid-20th century when they were mostly replaced by small boats made up of aluminum or fiberglass.  These Indian Canoes were shallow-draft boasts who shared their shapes with the Viking ships of 10th-11th century.

They played an important role in Native American culture as they were used for transporting goods, fishing, recreation, and travel across thousands of rivers and lakes which dot the North American continent.

Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 lakes as it contains more than 11,000 lakes with a size of more than 10 acres. Other US and Canadian states have their own lakes which easily explains the importance of Indian Canoes in earlier days as they were often the only means of transport available to Native American tribes living in this region.

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