Entrance Hotel Sacher Vienna Austria


Entrance Hotel Sacher Vienna Austria.  The Hotel Sacher is a five-star hotel located in the  first district of Vienna, Austria, close  to the Vienna State Opera. It is famous for the specialty of the house, the Sachertorte, a chocolate cake with apricot filling. There is also an art gallery in the hotel with works from the 19th century, one of the famous places to stay.  Luxury Hotel.

  • 1876 Euader Sacher opens up first hotel
  • 1880: Eduard Sacher marries Anna Maria Fuchs, a butcher’s daughter
  • 1892: Eduard Sacher dies, leaving the establishment to his wife
  • 1934: Hans Gürtler and his wife Poldi, along with the Siller family, take over the traditional Viennese institution and renovate the venerable building
  • 1938: World War II again puts a stop to tourism.
  • 1950s: The Hotel Sacher is expanded
  • 2004: The Vienna hotel is modernized
  • 2013:  Begins their Web presence

A Hotel with a rich History

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