Constellation Libra the Scales Balance of Librea November Stars


This vintage postcard depicts Constellation Libra along with it’s symbol weighing scale. Libra has been known to humans since at least the time of Babylonian Civilization and ancient astrologers have written extensively about it.

Very few people know why scales are used to represent Libra and the front of this postcard has some information explaining the reasoning behind this to readers. Libra was named in antiquity as the sun would pass through this constellation at the beginning of the autumn. During this time of year, days and nights are of equal length and hence balance was used as the symbol for this constellation signifying the equal length of days and nights.

Sun now visits the balance during November due to precession and once can view Libra in the spring and early summer. It can be seen with the naked eye and you don’t need any special equipment for watching Libra. It’s best viewed in Northern Hemisphere. Buy this unique postcard as a valuable addition to your existing postcard collection.

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