Alaska Eskimo Inuit in His Kayak


Alaska Eskimo in His Kayak

  • The name “Kayak” means “hunter’s boat” as kayaks were originally invented by the Inuit, Yup’Ik, and the Aleut for hunting. They were made of seal or other animal skin stretched over wood or whale bone. Kayaks are very quiet which made them ideal for sneaking up on prey.
  •  Kayaking received the honor of Olympic status when it became an official Olympic sport, along with canoeing, at the summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany
  •  As kayaking has evolved, there have become different types of kayaks, depending on their intended use. Some different types of kayaks include: “Sit on tops,” are as the name suggests, a type of kayak where the paddler sits on top of the kayak in an open area. “Cockpit style” is the more conventional style kayak where the paddler sits inside the kayak with his/her hips and legs inside the hull. A spray skirt may also be used to create a barrier against splashing water. “Inflatables” are a type of kayak that are a mixture of a “sit on top” and a “cockpit style” kayak. They have an open deck but the paddler sits below the deck. “Tandems” are made for more than one paddler. Some tandems can have up to 3 or 4 paddlers per kayak.
  • They Prefer to be Called Inuk or Inuit

  • Greenland’s Population is Primarily Inuit

  • Rubbing Noses is Not a Form of Kissing

  • The Ancient Inuit Made Armor

  • When you hear the word armor, you probably envision knights protected by steel. The ancient Inuit had no way to get their hands on steel, but they still needed protection from the elements and dangerous animals. Due to this, they crafted their own version of armor out of raw leather straps and bone plates, which was usually made from walrus teeth. This design was definitely ingenious, and it enabled the earliest Inuit people to survive many encounters that would have almost certainly been deadly otherwise.

    Inuit Art Has a Long History

  • The Inuit Diet

  • In Greenland, 11 percent of the residents are not Inuit. This means that the each Inuk who lives in Greenland has the potential to be exposed to new dining options, but even this has not considerably altered their traditional diet. Anthropologists and other researchers have determined that the Inuit diet has stayed mostly the same throughout the centuries, and it consists primarily of meat and fish because it is hard to gain access to vegetables and fruit in cold, remote areas.


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