Most Valuable Vintage Postcards

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Most Valuable Vintage Postcards

Postcards Value falls into the realm of Collectors.  You can buy Books on Postcard Values, I have several, but values change.

The whole Market of Postcards has greatly changed in how markets are sold.  Years ago you would have to go physically and view a card.    Postcard shops were in many cities and around the world.  You could order a postcard catalog and then view it, and when finished return it.

Today with the access to the internet you can search and locate and even view jpgs of single postcards.  It has greatly increased the ease and location of postcards for collectors (deltiology)

Aerial View

Many Postcards show Panoramic Scenes of Parks, Hotels, Volcano’s, and Mountains.  These are called View Cards or Aerial Views


Greeting Cards are very popular, they might be a State Scene with Large Printing on the Front describing  the locations.  Scenes from say the State of Ohio, or possibly the State of Hawaii.

Real Photo

Also Called RPPC (Real Photo Post Cards) these are actual photographs of some subject or location.  many of these command currently higher prices than the printed cards


These Postcards were made between 1930’s and the 1950’s.  It was during war time and Great Depression.  Photographers were dispersed thru US taking photos, and then returning them for printing.  Thousands of scenes were produced many being purchased for 1 cent each.


After the era of Linen cards, Photochrom became popular beginning with Union  Oil Company began Carrying them in their service stations.   These cards have very clear and bright colors as the printing technology increased.  1950’s till Present

Expo Worlds Fair Montreal Canada

Expo Worlds Fair Montreal Canada

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