How Popular is Postcard Collecting on Ghost Towns

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How Popular is Postcard Collecting on Ghost Towns

Postcards are amazing pictures of our past history.  Towns that at one point in History were booming populations and economies.

A ghost town is an abandoned village, town, or city, usually one that contains substantial visible remains.  They are found all over.  Formerly Bustling towns become ghost towns for a multitude of reasons. 


Gold Rush days drew many seeking fame and fortune, then the veins of Gold ran out leaving and empty community that had move on.  

These towns sprung up around sometimes  gold and coal, the discovery of mountain metal forges, where ore was mined and smelted.  Some activities driven by wars, battles, economic discoveries.


Ghost towns can also be created by natural disasters, highway and road changes, also can leave a community desolate.

Railroads that have ceased certain routes, due to lack business, but resulting in a town drying up.

Disasters at a Nuclear plant has caused ghost towns, for example Ukraine and Japan.

Many Ghost towns have become tourist attractions, enjoy our selection of Ghost Towns

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