How Popular is Postcard Collecting of Antiquities

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The Joy of Collecting collectibles is a satisfying Hobby.  The Look, the search and then the discovery is an exciting adventure.  Many collectors spend their lives collecting the treasures that they are interested in.  Items to collect can be found in the most unusual places.

Last evening our family went to Clifton Gris Mill, in Springfield Ohio.  They had a passion passed down from their mother of collecting Christmas lights.

shows merry christmas lights in clifton grismill USA Ohio and Darlene's Vintage Postcard brand logo
This Year they had strung 4 Million Christmas lights.  It was an amazing evening.  They had a room that was full of collectible Santa Clauses. They had over 3,000 Santa’s it was mesmerizing.

The Three most often collected items are Coins, Stamps, and postcards.


Vintage and rare coins are collected bought and sold.  You have the actual value of the currency, paper or metal, then you also have the collectors value.  Some Antique coins can be very valuable.  We were in Israel in 2014 and our guide showed us some Roman Coins from New Testament Days.  They were amazing.  We bought one for a keepsake, and will cherish it, because its simply amazing to hold in your hands.


Second most collected item is stamps, by shear numbers.  Countries offer new stamps each year and sometimes revolving around holidays.  Amazing artwork and images and dates that will be only made in one moment of time.


Arbella Governor Winthrops Flagship MassThis is our area of interest at Darlene’s Vintage Postcards.  We love to see pictures of the past.  We collect Postcards from Every State in the United States.  We find Postcards and Photos from every country.  Not only to we list them by Location, but we also list them by Topic to make the easier to locate.  We study and also add Postcards daily to our online store. We encourage you to browse through our selection and find your next Treasure

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