Five Obvious Reasons People Collect Ship Vintage Postcards

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Five Obvious Reasons People Collect Ship Postcards


When it comes to postcards collecting, condition and rarity are not the only things that affect values. While age also determines the overall collectability to a lesser degree, the subject matter presented in the postcards plays a much more significant role in grading. Among the most popular subjects of collector postcards, ships and boats are highly sought-after for some very good reasons.  View our large selection of Vintage Postcards of Ships at Darlene’s Vintage Postcards


  1. It is for everyone: there are so many different categories to focus on such as fishing boats, military ships, cruise ships, old steamboats, cargo ships, or yachts to name a few. Generally speaking, there are ship postcards for any budget and taste.


  1. Romanticism factor: ship and the high seas have been romanticized since forever. Novels, painting, movies, and poems tell great stories about ships and the crews as well as their interactions with nature or wildlife. Think of Santa Maria, HMS Victory, Titanic, Flying Dutchman, and Moby Dick. There is intense history and romanticism with each and plenty of others.


  1. Social networks (of days gone by): especially for older generations, vintage postcards really were the social networks they can still remember vividly. It was a great alternative to typical letters, used mainly for sending short messages. Yes, you have much faster means of communication right now, but it does not bring the same excitement for both the sender and recipient.


  1. Constant learning: as the collection grows, so does the knowledge. It is unsatisfactory to simply collect without knowing more about the pictures featured. Rare postcards from the decades (if not centuries) ago always spark the great curiosity of the ship’s history, stories, myths, location, voyage, and people who could relate to it


  1. Preservation of history: many ships illustrated or photographed in postcards no longer exist. Because they don’t exist anymore, you cannot simply have them photographed again. It is the preservation of history that you can pass down to next and future generations.


Everybody who has received a postcard before understands the joy it brought. The postcard was written and sent  and delivered only to you from someone who cared enough to do that. Collecting ship postcard is the same thing; there are personal touch and a great deal of emotional value involved.

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