Determining Condition in Selling Old Postcards

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It is very important when selling old postcards, and purchasing them to help determine the quality of the card.  We are going to give you some general guidelines in choosing and searching for valuable or highly collectible postcards.  Here are some Key points in determining the condition of a card when you are evaluating.

M – Mint

These are rare, but these are in perfect condition.  Looking just like they have come off printing press, no marks,no creases,no wear on edges,no writing or postal Marks.

NM – Near Mint

This like mint is a very clean card.  Light aging and slight yellowing from age are visible.

EX – Excellent

Like the mint and near mint, no bends or creases, no rounded corners – the front picture will be crisp and clear.  Writing and postmarks only on the address side.

VG – Very Good

Corners an be little bit blunt or rounded, a slight ben or crease that is close to being undetectable is acceptable.  Can have writing and post marks on address side of postcard

G – Good

Corners can be noticeably blunt and rounded.  Creases and bends that are present onb card.  card can have writing and postmarks on Address side

FR – Fair

Card is complete, might have dirt marks, signs of much wear,  Marks on picture side also.

When collecting your postcard collections you will want to find as much quality as possible, to increase its value.  But remember that a rare postcard can be valuable even if the quality is bit lower because of their Rarity. Vintage Postcard Elan Valley Dams UK Shop for Vintage Postcards

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