Can Postcards be sent Internationally

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Can Postcards be sent Internationally

Australian Laughing Kookarburra Australia

Australian Laughing Kookarburra Australia


As I was collecting my thoughts I found this article from Judy fisk was excellent so wanted to share

  • How much Does it Cost

  • Local – United States

    For most of all our Postcards, we send out.  We do it with a USPS  First Class Forever Stamp, Here are the rules

Right now the cost of our First Class Stamps is .55 cents for a standard postcard

  • International

    When we are mailing out our Postcards we most often use USPS,  We have found on just a few occasions were they ever lost.  Maybe 2 or so during a whole year.  we did have one customer call and say that the Postman delivered the postcard in a zip-seal plastic bag, postcards were in many pieces.  I contacted USPS and they promptly refunded us, but this has for us been very Rare occurrence.  At This time an International Global stamp cost us 1.15 US

  • How do you address the postcards

    We have found that Addressing the postcards are critical.  We print all our labels so that my painful handwriting does not cause our Postlady to have a stroke.  We also cannot emphasize too much that you need to put a return Address on every postcard.  We use a stamp for that, but again we do it so that it is very eligible.   The Return Address is very important because sometimes when the post carrier is not able to leave the card, we have had people move, one person his mailbox had been knocked down and it could not be delivered.  It does take a while but USPS will return that Postcard Back to you….which is Great

  • How do you Package postcards

    At first, it was hard to package the postcards.  We wanted to do so that the postcards would safely arrive at our friends.  This is what we are currently doing.  We put every Postcard in a postcard sleeve….This is the item … we shop around for best prices but we do this because we want to keep postcard safe.

    We also ship every postcard in a special mailer for photos called a StayFlat, They have worked wonderfully for us… They Look like this 

     When we ship them they move thru the postal system very well, they protect the postcards from the USPS sorting machine

Hope this helps you in your Quest for Postcards

Darlene’s Old Postcards – Our Sister Site

God Bless


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