Advertising Vintage Postcard Template

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Advertising Vintage Postcard Template


Advertising became popular with Postcard printers almost immediately.  Business men quickly saw this as an effective medium to advertise with.  Very economical to spread advertisements.  today many are called Vintage Postcards.  These are Business and products in the past that were very common.  Some have been discontinued, but this is a testimony to their influence in our past.


First One

The First Official Advertising Picture postcard, seemed to be Colombian Exposition from Australian printers.


Many Collectors look for them

  • Product they Advertise
  • Artist who Signed Artwork on the Card
  • Possible the type of Artwork – Deco – Nouveau


Many cards had been produced for….

  • Automobiles
  • Farm Equipment
  • Milking Machines
  • Soft Drinks
  • Real Estates
  • Red Cross
  • Rockwell
  • Tyrone

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