7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Cockroach Racing

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7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Cockroach Racing

Cockroach Racing and Cockroach Milk

Cock Roachracing Brisbane Australia


  • Australia Day Cockroach Races – See You Tube Video

  • 1982, the winning cockroach was called ‘Soft Cocky’

  • Best Cockroach Stables

  • How to Train Your Cockroach

  • the greatest gathering of thoroughbred cockroaches in the world

  • Hall of Fame of this Australian event are unusual names such as “Soft Cocky, Cocky Balboa, Cocky Dundee, Drain Lover, and Priscila-Queen of the Drains

  • Top Speed 220 MPH

Aerial Night View Sydney Australia

Aerial Night View Sydney Australia


Other Venues  –

  • Madagascar Madness – Loyola University of Maryland
  • The Running of the Roaches –  The students of General Entomology wing of the university train Madagascar Cockroaches for short sprints as also for marathon racing

Presidential Elections –

  • The United States, the cockroach race is also a popular event held prior to the Presidential election. It is conducted every four years by the Pest Control Association of New Jersey. The race predicts the Democratic candidate for the presidential election; in 1999, Al Gore won over Bill Bradley and Bill Clinton“ won by an antenna,” in 1992
  • June 2012, in New Jersey, the namesake cockroaches of Barack Obama and John McCain were raced to find the winner in the race held at the Toms River Rotary Club. It was held under the auspices of the Rotary Club of Central Ocean Tom River’s Bugfest. The event generated  US $ 1500, which was donated towards providing a scholarship to local students

Glass of Cockroach Milk – The Next Fountain of Youth

How to Raise and Train Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches Kindle Edition – Amazon Book

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