7 Factors That Affect Antique Cars’s Longevity.

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7 Factors That Affect Antique Cars’ Value & Longevity.

  • Reliability of Original Build

Some Vehicles when they were originally made came off the line as lemons, even today allthough with todays competition and quality standards, car production is becoming more and more reliable.  The more reliably they have been built. the longer they will survive.

  • Date of Build and Number of Cars Produced

Same as all collectible items – If a special date is involved.  Coins, postcards, stamps, if there are many produced the more cars are more likely to survive.  If only a few were made this greatly increases the Value, because of Scarcity.  Special dates of production, during wartime things like that all, contribute to a Vintage Cars Value.

  • Condition of Storage

Some Vintage Cars from their birth have been stored for years to preserve their value and condition.  Also determines the part of the country that the Vehicles have spent the majority of their Lifetime.  If they spent most of their time in a Snow region, they may have had excessive exposure to road salts.  Coastal locations salt can come down from the sky.  Aeras of the country where dry climate, lack of rain has a tendency to increase the lifetime of any vehicle.

  • Mileage

Mileage has a very profound effect on longevity and value of a vehicle after many years.  A vehicle with low miles generally increase the Vintage Cars Value and also the years that it will live.

  • Original Equipment

Older cars that have been repaired with Original Parts also help increase the value of the vehicls.  You see this greatly in the Muscle Cars of 70’s

  • History – Wreckage

Also very important if a vehicle had been wrecked or modified.  This takes away from the resale value on an older car.  This also applies to vehicles being bought and sold today

  • Market Desirability

Al Item for sale always depends on what people are willing to pay.  There was a time that Tulip Bulbs were more valuable than gold.  Also, there are times when certain cars obtain more popularity, such as a popular movie highlights a specific car.





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